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Google is one of the most used search engine with various applications and services online that are equally popular among the users. These include services such as Google Cloud, Google Sheets, YouTube, Google Drive, AdSense, AdWords, Google Plus and the like and are widely used by internet users. Google Plus is the social network platform developed by Google which is equally used by individuals for personal communication and business development. More than expanding the number of friends on your Google Plus account, this application helps take your business online at a major level. The Google+ page of the user’s business allows gathering audience for the Google search engine and provide more data for the services of Google.

But while Google Plus is efficient in providing contacts to the users and expanding the customers for business, the social media platform would put forward its own technical issues and challenges to the users. We, Getemailsupport, are a third party Google Plus Help expert team offering services to troubleshoot and augment the Google Plus experience for our clients. Our professionals help solve issues effectively when you are unable to access Google+ which may be due to certain problems related to browser problems, cache and cookies error, server overload or network error or the like.

While using Google+ for the first time, we also help our clients get started with their new Google+ account and creating the account through our Google Plus Help team. We also assist our customers with various other aspects including:

  • Signing In and Out of Google+
  • Account settings and security
  • Changing notification settings
  • Setting up a recovery phone number or email address
  • Trouble using 2-step Verification with Google+
  • Choosing default language
  • Downloading Google+ data
  • Custom URL for Google+ profile
  • Deleting Google+ profile
  • Restoring deleted account
  • Disabling account
  • Turn Auto Backup off
  • Change or reset Google Account password
  • Managing activity on Google+
  • Stolen or hijacked Google+ account
  • Google+ profile suspensions
  • Report abuse on Google+
  • Uninstalling Google+ App
  • Forgotten Google+ password or username

When a user needs any help regarding setting up the profile on Google Plus or any activity related to it, one can contact our team on our toll-free Google Plus Help number 1-800-375-9851 to avail any service. Our Google Plus executives offer appropriate service and instant troubleshooting for all issues related to the social media platform of Google. Our experts are professionally trained to offer skilled solution to our clientele. Google Plus users at global level can contact our Google Plus support team who are available around the clock and from any part of the world to fix any errors related to the Google+ accounts. We deliver functional and affordable solutions for every queries and issues related to Google Plus service which are easily accessible, affordable, timely and secure.

We offer services through various mediums including phone, email, online chat, online tutorials, onsite support and remote assistance. Our efficient personnel offer effective assistance through these convenient methods. These modes have been elaborated below for the convenience of our clients.

Telephone Support

Our toll-free Google Plus Help phone number is available 24X7 to resolve any problems related to your Google+ account in an effective manner within limited time. Our team offers clear and easy to follow instructions for resolving any error instantly. Mostly concerns regarding the social network account is taken care of through the phone support. But in case of highly complicated queries, our experts will suggest the other best method of support to our customer.

Email Support

For simpler issues, our customers can access our email support through our email ID,

Online Chat Support

Our clients can discuss the issues arising in their Google Plus account with our expert technicians with the online live chat sessions. The clients are equipped with effective instructions from experts.

Onsite Support

Onsite support is only available to limited clients present within the locality of our office and when the malfunction is decidedly complex and cannot be solved through phone, email or chat support. Our professional visits the client’s office or home to personally resolve the issue effectively.

Remote Access Support

Our client may be from any location in the globe, but we are capable of providing them with efficient, affordable and swift solution through our remote support. Our technical experts can instantly troubleshoot any Google+ errors by initiating a secure remote connection with the user’s device.

Our Service Highlights

  • 365X24X7 all-time available support
  • Toll-free phone support
  • Skilled and experienced technical advisors
  • Cost-free instructional assistance
  • 99% instant resolution of Gmail issues on the first call
  • Prompt solution through remote, onsite, email and chat support
  • Speedy securing of your mail account during hacking attempts

How to Set up a Google Plus Account?

  • Go to google plus page
  • Click on ‘Create An Account’ button
  • Fill in info such as name, birthdate and current email address
  • Click ‘Next Step’
  • Add a profile photo
  • Click ‘Next Step’
  • Add friends, family and others to the Google+ circle
  • A Google+ account has been created